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As above, so below.
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Fight or flight? I'm running!
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Sorry, I apologize for not having a "real" website, but, with this site, I can effectively communicate all the information I want, for free. Whenever I can officially accept donations, I will launch a new website.

So, as you may know, I'm running for President of the United States.  The reason I am running is to legalize marijuana.  And, if I don't get elected, well, at least we raised awareness about marijuana.

The reason I am running for the 2020 term is that it will be the first term I am eligible, being 37 then and satisfying the 35 year old age requirement.

I will run Democratic, but if a Democrat wins in 2016, I will be forced to run in 2024 because there will be a Democratic incumbent in 2020.  If I do this, and get elected, I will still be the youngest President on record at 41.

Now, marijuana is why I chose to run.  Because, I thought, "If nobody else is going to do it, why not me?"  

My stance on the issues is this.  I will represent the people that vote for me.  So, when I become President, I will poll them and fight for what they want.  And, just know that all of my ideas here are just ideas.  If my constituents don't want me to do any of them, I won't.

Also, as a way to show I am not doing this for myself, I will donate half of my salary to charity.

Legalizing marijuana and representing my constituents is not all I will do.  The President's most important power is to be commander-in-chief. So, what will I do with this power?  I will not enter any war.  I will not bomb any country.  I will end our continuous war streak of over 50 years.  I will end the pattern of bombing countries we are not at war with.  Remember, Obama has already bombed 4 countries without congress approval.  And, George W. Bush bombed 2.  However, I will still help any of our allies that get attacked.  I will negotiate aggressively to lower the military budgets of the world.  Check out the links below for more ways I will bring world peace and to learn of other ideas I have.

Sign up for a deviantART account and send me a note!  It's free!

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Sinornithosaurus Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd vote for u m8
infinitetolerance Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
thx mane

its always good to hear

especially online
Sinornithosaurus Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sinornithosaurus Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CowboyBebop2 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dat Photoshop. :icondatassplz:
yumyumcat Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Hello and ty for the watch xD  I don't normally vote party I'm an for parties, I think both democrats & republican need to have some new blood, as I'm so sick and tired of the lies, the irresponsibility the unaccountably and the scandals! They forget who they are and that we VOTE them in!  We are their constituents  aka bread and butter and I've been around long enough to see that this country is on the verge of a civil war.  Between the divisiveness of congress and the administration as well as the general public regarding "sides"..we'll never ever see things the same way bc everyone thinks they're right!   Well good luck to u in ur endeavors; Last thing I wanna see are the same old people in Washington doing the same silly things over and over expecting different results.  O and it's about time there was a CAT in the WH instead of a dog xD  <3 
infinitetolerance Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
When you're considering voting for me, please keep in mind that I am only running Democratic so I can win.  I am not going to be a puppet like most politicians.

And, you may have read it already, but I am actually going to do what my constituents want.  I will poll the people who vote for me and fight for them.

Example, 56% of people want marijuana legal for recreational use.  I will campaign for that.  I imagine there are other things as well that I could change that most of the Democrats want to happen.

Another example.  56% of Republicans want to raise taxes on the rich.  This is obviously higher for Democrats.
yumyumcat Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
What offices have u held thusfar? Have u been in the military? Not that it's mandantory, but I find it's a good thing to have that under ur belt.  I look at our feckless leader now and i'm very unimpressed. Sorry I voted for him!
infinitetolerance Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
I think what's most important is what I'm going to do once I get into office.  I basically say everything I want you to know on my homepage and the links therein.
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