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As above, so below.
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Marijuana cures cancer![link]

It helps fight cancer in four different ways. - [link] 


Preventing cancer cells from reproducing.


Prevention of new cancer cell's blood vessel growth.


Prevents cancer from spreading to other organs.


Induces cancer cells to seek their own death.

Legalizing marijuana will reduce crime!

This is because legalizing it will get rid of the black market, which is associated with crime.

Crime is down in medical marijuana states!

Crime went down in Colorado even more since it was legalized for recreational use. -…

Driving while high decreases your chances of dying in an accident!

People who die in car accidents are 20% less likely to have marijuana in their systems.

Over 10 years, in medical marijuana states, driving fatalities were reduced by 9% while only 5% in the country as a whole.

As the number of drivers testing positive for marijuana goes up, the number of traffic fatalities goes down... 

From the Department of Transportation for the state of Colorado:

2007: 554 fatalities, 26% of drivers testing positive for marijuana

2008: 548, 31%

2012: 474, 36%

2009: 465, 37%

2010: 450, 42%

2011: 447, 52%…

(OTHER) Marijuana information.

All of this information is true and can be confirmed through research.


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I don't smoke weed.
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